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Shapey Girl Whiskey Glasses 360 ML

Shapey Girl Whiskey Glasses 360 ML

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Shipping Time : We usually dispatch orders in 4-5 day in pan india.
For Return or Replacement : Contact us at or Call & Whatsapp at +91-8122550306
  • Specifications: The Stunning & Stylish Whiskey Glasses capacity of 360 ML each – Big enough for ice cubes plus easy to carry.
  • Large Capacity: Suitable for virtually any type of drink, Bourbon, Scotch, Irish Whisky, Rum, Tequila, and Cocktail. Also, have enough room for ice cubes. Get a large capacity and still easily fit in the palm of your hand.
  • Ultra-modern, sophisticated, elegant, and best-finish whiskey glasses for the elite and influential gentry. Classic Whisky Glasses Seamless Designer Tumblers, Luxury in hand. Classic cut design
  • The shallow base brings the bourbon closer to your nose. The opening-to-base ratio is less than our Whiskey Glass, providing a bolder body and smoother bourbon experience. The larger opening also allows you to enjoy your whiskey with a nice chunk of quality ice.
  • Crafted with Finest Quality Crystal: These elegant whiskey glasses are double walled which makes them extremely durable and keeps your drink insulated at the perfect temperature for longer. Also, they are Refrigerator and Dishwasher friendly. 
The unique shape makes these glasses a talking point before you even get started on what’s on the inside. The NEAT glass is a scientifically designed whisky glass that makes nosing, tasting and drinking whisky a brilliant experience from start to finish.
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